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We’re an interior design company in Dubai inspired by the city’s spirit of being the best

Spacez Design Consulting is an interior design firm located in the heart of the Middle East in the city of Dubai. Established in Toronto in 2012, we started operations in Dubai in 2015. Spacez offers a refreshing new perspective to interior designing. We believe that every living or working environment is as different as the people that inhabit it. The interior design of an environment must reflect this uniqueness. Every wall, every corner and every space must be a realisation of your personal vision of your world. These thoughts and beliefs are reflected in our approach to the projects we undertake. Whether we’re re-designing a bedroom in a Villa or conceptualising a new Spa concept or even working on a work-place layout, the design team at Spacez works hard towards creating a space that not only reflects the individuality of its inhabitants, but also pleases in form and function.

We specialise in residential and commercial Interior design consulting. While we’re based in Dubai and cater to the local market, we also undertake international projects. Spacez Designs offers a whole repertoire of interior design services including landscaping, bespoke furniture, graffiti and more.

Design is a philosophy that we apply to varied industries and sectors

Home Interior Design

Home / Makeover

Whether you're building a new house or wish to enhance the interiors of your existing residence; from large villas to spacious apartments and even cozy studios, we help make every residence a home that is as unique as you.



Complement the beautiful interiors of your home with equally stunning gardens, lawns and yards. Our landscape designers ensure your outdoors are infused with beauty, style and elegance making them the envy of neighbours.

Custom made Furniture

Bespoke Furniture

Unique homes deserve unique furniture. Whether you're a fan of the classic look or appreciate modern sensibilities, working with various materials and textures we make customised furniture to suit your requirements.



Murals turn every wall into an artistic canvas and enliven your rooms. Our talented artists custom design each mural to seamlessly blend into the overall interior design scheme. Make your walls stand out with a masterpiece by Spacez.